Engaging with learning disabled audiences

Welcoming Back Learning Disabled Audiences with Oska Bright Film Festival

A full cinema audience of people at Oska Bright Film Festival.

If you would like to learn more about how your venue or group can better engage with learning disabled audiences, contact Lizzie Banks on [email protected] or reach out to us at the Young Film Network to find out more.

Oska Bright is the world’s biggest learning disability film festival and a brilliant organisation to learn from regarding welcoming those with learning disabilities to your film screenings and along to your Young Film Programmer Group. Find out more about Oska Bright’s work.

"[Disabled audiences] need to know that the spaces
they visit are safe and ready for them."
Oska Bright Film Festival

Click the button below to read about how your group can welcome learning disabled audiences and positively impact the venue you host in.

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