Short Cut Alumni 2023-24

Find out about our Short Cut Film Fund alumni and their BFI NETWORK Mentors.

Click on their photo to watch their short film commissioned by Young Film Network, or keep scrolling to see what they got out of this experience and how it’ll help them in their future careers.


Black and white headshot of Tom Boyd-Hall
Tom Boyd-Hall

Short Cut Film Fund Awardee

Mojola Akinyemi

Short Cut Film Fund Awardee

Maddie Lock

Short Cut Film Fund Awardee


All of our awardees agreed that they were well matched with their mentors and feel more confident in their filmmaking and career options after having the sessions with them. They all feel supported by them for the future.

Dorothy Allen-Pickard

Filmmaker and BFI New Talent Award 2019 winner

Emily Everdee

BIFA-nominated Producer

Astrid Goldsmith

Animation Director and founder of Mock Duck Studios


We partnered up with Soho-based short film editors at Homespun, part of the Stitch editing family. The wonderful team not only aided our filmmakers in learning how to develop a relationship between director and editor, but also became real contacts for them in the industry, offering work experience and future support.

Luke Anderson

Supported Tom Boyd-Hall on POLLY, on which Tom was the lead editor

Though I didn't actually spent too much time working with Homespun [because I had done most of the edit myself], it was a great opportunity, and being put into contact with my editor was fantastic.
Laura Reyes

Lead editor on Mojola Akinyemi's film Emin Airi

LOVE Homespun! The friendliest, most supportive group of people. And also directed me to a competition for funding for another potential short. Great bunch!
Laura Zvarikova

Edited Maddie Lock's film Welcome to the Puppet Show with Maddie

It was great getting to work with an editor in such a wonderful post-production suite. [The team were] really supportive at the screening event, and [are] keen to stay in touch about any future projects we have... My editor was really lovely too, and extremely well paired to my project.
The Short Cut Film Fund has been made possible thanks to support from BFI Film Academy and the National Lottery.
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