Young Film Network
South East

The film industry network for 16-25 year olds.
We help you to progress your filmmaking ambitions and engage with cultural cinema.

Bute Street Film Festival, Luton.

Young Film Programmers

Would you like to learn more about cinema and film exhibition? Join one of the many Young Film Programmers’ Groups in our region. These groups meet on a regular basis to increase their knowledge and appreciation of independent film and give members the chance to programme, plan, market and present film screenings.


We work with BFI Film Academy to deliver fantastic funding opportunities, talks and workshops to help you learn more about filmmaking in the South East.

These activities are for 16-25 year olds looking to learn more about the film industry and get real-world experience.

BFI Film Academy Labs

BFI Film Academy Labs are all about helping 16- to 25-year-olds break into the screen industries. 
These monthly practical sessions are led by industry professionals, with a focus on explaining the specifics of working in film and television, and developing your skills to become the best screen creative you can be.


Whether you want to make films or just love the cinema experience, watching films is an important part of our work and your career development.

We work with venues across the South East to encourage your learning about cinema, film exhibition and film culture. Join one of our Young Film Programmers’ Groups and meet like-minded fanatics local to you as you programme, market and present screenings and increase your appreciation of independent cinema.

young filmmaker stands with a clapperboard in front of a camera. Behind her is a band ready to be filmed.
Racquet Studios, Eastbourne.

About Us

Find out more about Young Film Network (South East). Our aim is to increase access to and appreciation of cultural cinema among 16-25 year olds, and encourage a greater awareness of strategic progression routes for young people within the industry. Read more about where we work, what we do and how you can get involved.

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