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Chantelle at Moana

My name is Chantelle Kaaria. I currently work as an independent impact producer and recently transitioned into impact having produced a slate of short films. This transition seemed serendipitous at first, however I believe if one has the privilege to live out one’s passions you’ll find what’s meant for you eventually. So, for me to combine my love for communities, Impact and public facilitation with film and in turn create a new audience stream and exhibition opportunity has been a thrilling journey!

I got involved with Maona YFP by happy accident, after coming across Maona Art cinema and gallery on Instagram and really connecting with their mission to see African film experienced by exhibited and sharing the rich heritage of African and diasporian films on a broader scale. Then it was their understanding and awareness that this isn’t a one man job that got me involved in their YFP group and internship. Their desire to platform great diverse stories to a wide audience has been such a great project to work on. 

My journey with them was full of insight! Being in a space where I was learning and growing. Honestly, it’s opened my awareness to the possibilities for my career! It’s been somewhat of a Pandora’s box in the best way possible! We should all be in a space where we aren’t the smartest in the room, we’re learning new things and being exposed to new perspectives and approaches that we may have never otherwise. During the project we learnt about the difference between curation and programming, got connected to amazing professionals and discussed the challenges and solutions in curating African cinema.

Not to mention our trip to the BFI Future festival and being on a course with like-minded individuals. This program has 1000% helped me define what I want from my future in the film industry. From understanding exhibition and distribution to hearing from creative producers. It’s another layer of skill. My heart has always been with communities and audiences so this experience has brought another layer of creating and curating experiences that connect people. I’ve also always been a passionate advocate of independent filmmakers so growing my understanding as a producer, impact producer and through the programme gives me more insight into the ways I can support sharing more independent work widely.

Chantelle Kaaria

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