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YFP Martin at Fresh Perspectives, Fabrica (Brighton)

animated cinema screening in progress

I’m Martin (they/them), a Filmmaking student at Sussex Uni and member of Fresh Perspectives at the Fabrica Gallery. When I saw the opportunity, it leapt out at me as a chance to be part of a group of film-lovers, to share our insights and passions, and a new experience for me. I am likely going into film production, but I saw this as an opportunity to see the film world through the lens of exhibition and gain the skills of organising screenings. Working in exhibition also rounds off my experience of having tried working in every area of film so far, so I am experimenting, and what a fun experiment this is! I’ve volunteered several times at Cambridge Film Festival back home, but that was simply participating, this programming is great to be a part of – especially if you’re more organisational than me – because you get to be creative as well.

I don’t hold my opinions on films in a higher regard than anyone else’s, so I am happy to listen and contribute whenever I can – and I see around our group the same sentiment of teamwork. We’re just coming up to my first organised screening, so I am enjoying the build-up; I haven’t contributed massively to this project, mainly because it’s a celebration of Women’s History Month. But the collective spirit I’ve felt, just from the three meetings I’ve been part of, have already given me so much energy.

I was hoping that this experience of collective film programming would give me skills, and it has been different to (in a better way than) what I was expecting; so, as I continue with this group, I’m looking forward to what we get to do, because we’re so ambitious and fun. Volunteering at Fresh Perspectives is also a great pathway, these screenings essentially live off the support of other groups, so this can be just the primary opportunity. Young Film Programmers groups are a great way to manifest a shared identity that you get to create with like-minded people, I thoroughly recommend it!

Martin Attmore, Fabrica

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